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Read a document of testimony at the altars of the Vatican?


Looking forward to adding to the testimony the healing that has taken place over the years…

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Read this 71 paged testimony (downloadable document link)—-> VictoryInJesus2013  submitted by HEALING SEXUAL ABUSE  to the altars of the Vatican through the altars of the old cathedral basilica and new cathedral basilica in Saint Louis.

On January 16, 2014…  for the first time ever, the Vatican was questioned about its record on child sexual violence by an international body. The UN Committee on the Rights of the Child in Geneva held the meeting in two sessions, each three hours long… My story and testimony is only one of many.

For those who are needing a copy of the document with no filters on the names in the document… contact me for a password for this downloadable document… VictoryInJesus

View original post Thistle Farms is a great example of healing


I was watching BYUTV channel and thistle farms had a documentary about their development and process of joy and pain in helping women off the streets with thistle as never giving up in floods and other environments…thistle and Jesus was their root to grow themselves helping women in extrordinary ways…

Read a document of testimony at the altars of the Vatican?


Read this 71 paged testimony (downloadable document link)—-> VictoryInJesus2013  submitted by HEALING SEXUAL ABUSE  to the altars of the Vatican through the altars of the old cathedral basilica and new cathedral basilica in Saint Louis.

On January 16, 2014…  for the first time ever, the Vatican was questioned about its record on child sexual violence by an international body. The UN Committee on the Rights of the Child in Geneva held the meeting in two sessions, each three hours long… My story and testimony is only one of many.

For those who are needing a copy of the document with no filters on the names in the document… contact me for a password for this downloadable document… VictoryInJesus

Jesus said, “Forgive them 77 times”


VictoryInJesus2013 <—Document for the world)  I forgive the Vatican, every Archdiocese, every Parish, and every perpetrator by instruction of Christ.  We must be vocal, vigilant, and behind the scenes to make sure and protect children in the parishes.  If we were to condemn the whole Roman Catholic institution or even part, then we must condemn Hollywood, Society, and other major influences of immorality that have influenced and caused pedophilia.  It just so happens that for over 1700 years a priest whom is a man, not allowed to marry a woman, is one of the reasons that resulted in awful side effects of pedophilia in society.  How much has hollywood contributed to the problem… i say just as guilty with sexual immorality pushing the limits and going beyond the limits of platonic love intended within God’s creation.

If you think or say how can you associate pedophilia within the confluences of the Roman Catholics and secular society influences like Hollywood?   A truthful and correct answer is simple:  Hollywood pushes and pimps out sexual relations between a man and a woman like its eating breakfast, lunch, or dinner as a normal and must thing to do like getting up in the morning.  This drilled into society more and more since Hollywood began has caused such loose sexual morals between a man and a woman resulting in playboy and worse.  Push the envelope as far as it can go until there is no envelope….

Bottom line is twisted sexual morals without a compass in society results in a mess and that is why we have pedophilia rampid in our world.  We must forgive, but never forget, and stop what we can stop from ruining the lives of children before they can even start to have a good chance to a healthy life.


The scattering and promoting to avoid dealing with the truth….


I approached the St. Louis Archdiocese in 2008 about what happened to me as a child and young teenager being drugged and raped.  The priest that was on the child board of protecting children for the St. Louis Archdiocese was promoted to be Archbishop of Tennessee after the board said my story was not their responsibility: Watch the video covering only 1% of the total 100% of a 14 page paper i presented the board with: (don’t take this as a label for the whole Catholic church because much good is done by members of the faith in Jesus Christ) As you have watched and read in the video the Archbishop of Saint Louis was promoted to be one of eight Canon Lawyers for the Vatican in Vatican City Rome three months after I approached them with the facts of multiple molestations throughout the city throughout the 1980’s and early 1990’s that definitely occurred in multiple parishes, juvenile court systems of St. Louis, and programs for children from junior achievement to drug rehab programs as my predator bragged about his connections to be around and influence these arenas. Combined with Snap pushing for justice behind me and in front of me Snap linked up with the parish that was forgoing problems from the Vatican about funds in their parish…with all these pressures the Archbishop of Saint Louis was promoted to the Vatican as a political move to hide from the lack of integrity and negligence to deal with sexual abuses….. their are still many people that can’t come forward because this is new to the public due to the media never standing up to the Vatican.

How do we address the problem in the best way possible for the world?  I would like your opinion on the worldwide problem and how to approach it: Here it is in a nutshell: There are strongholds created from centuries past where certain high ranking hierarchy down to lay people of the Catholic Church worldwide are caught in these strongholds molesting children and covering up the epidemic… they have manipulated court cases through the power of their Vatican and Diocese worldwide (especially in the US) To stand in righteousness against this people outside the Roman Catholic church and those inside the Catholic faith have gone toe to toe with lawsuits for monies awarded to victims helped by advocacy and groups like SNAP and Bishops Accountability which are a necessity creating accountability.  Another big factor of the worldwide problem sets the stage for what goes on in public because of laws blocked by Diocese in courts giving free reign almost to pedophiles to harm children and have minimum punishment instead of zero tolerance. When lawsuits against the Church are done the church spends millions to award only 50,000 and then once in a great while 1% of the time the lawsuit is won in the millions. Then the Vatican sends a Bishop to that Diocese and they close down parishes harming the city of that Diocese because parishioners do good work for the poor … meanwhile the Vatican preserves their assets and status quo and falsely claims bankruptcies under chapter 11 of the US Federal codes. Meanwhile, when the laws can’t be changed in the US because of the manipulation of our system by the Vatican and it’s Diocese worldwide in every major city. The children who are molested and killed by these predators are only minimally stopped and these predators I am talking about get away with what we hear in the news like Stacy Dugard and of Saint Louis Sean Hornbeck. These are stongholds created by negative energies created from the time the Greeks were raping their boys to ready them into fierce warriors—then influencing the Romans—the Romans influencing the Catholic church 16 hundred years ago—the Roman Catholic Church doctrine of no men can marry to protect assets and a basis for their direction of Jesus Christ—- to now today this epidemic we have in society of pedophilia…. Keep in mind that what happens in public by peophiles not associated to the church are part of an epidemic that comes from sources of family incest and mankinds perversions of sex over centuries… possibly also influenced by what has gone on in the Vatican for centuries.  (don’t take this as a label for the whole Catholic church because much good is done by members of the faith in Jesus Christ) My question is any ideas or approaches that are new that we could do to make this present day situation better?

My answer is Jesus Christ and righteousness to guide me in advocacy and stay in forgiveness, kindness, mercy, and find any avenue possible of accountability…

Part 4: Diocese announces plan to deal with sexual misconduct


Diocese announces plan to deal with sexual misconduct
The Kansas City Star

The Kansas City-St. Joseph Diocese today announced changes that include the appointment of former U.S. Attorney Todd Graves to deal with recent alleged sex misconduct in the diocese.

Bishop Robert W. Finn said the first five points of a sweeping plan include the appointment of Graves to conduct an independent investigation regarding the allegations of a priest charged with possessing child pornography.

In addition, Graves will lead a review of the diocesan ethical code of conduct and sexual misconduct policies.

Finn also said an independent public liaison and ombudsman would be appointed to field and investigate any reports of suspicious or inappropriate behavior.

The diocese said it would continue to cooperate with local law enforcement.

“These are initial steps,” Finn said in a statement. “Other actions are forthcoming.”

Graves, who is not Catholic, said he was approached by the diocesan officials earlier this week to head the independent review.

“I am eager to do it,” he said. “They want to make this a model diocese for the rest of the country.”

From 2001 to 2005, Graves served as the national co-chair of the U.S. Department of Justice Child Exploitation Working Group.

As U.S. Attorney, Graves established state and federal task forces to investigate exploitation of children on the internet and played a key role in having a regional computer forensics laboratory located in Kansas City.

Throughout his career, Graves has been at the forefront in enforcing laws against those who abuse children, diocesan officials said.

In recent weeks, the diocese has come under sharp criticism after the Rev. Shawn F. Ratigan was charged last month with possessing child pornography.

Ratigan, 45, of Kansas City, North, is charged in Clay County with three counts of possessing child pornography – photos taken while working for churches and schools in the area. Ratigan has pleaded not guilty and remains in custody, with bond set at $200,000.

A week ago, the diocese announced that Finn has removed another priest from his duties because of “credible reports” of sexual misconduct with minors.

David Clohessy, executive director of the Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests, said he doubts the five-point plan would bring about change.

“It is like giving cold mediation to a cancer patient,” Clohessy said. “Policies and procedures don’t protect kids. Decisive action protects kids and that is still lacking.”

But Finn said the review would bring clarity out of the “shame, anger, and confusion.”

“In addition to our ongoing and full cooperation with law enforcement, this review will help us to determine the effectiveness of diocesan policies and procedures in a very troubling situation,” Finn said in the statement.

At the conclusion of the review, Graves would issue a report that will be released to the public.

Diocesan officials said the review is expected would take between 30 to 45 days.

Once done, Finn said he pledged the complete cooperation of all diocesan personnel.

To reach Glenn E. Rice, call 816-234-4341 or send e-mail to

Read more:

SNAP responds to KC bishop’s latest promises

For immediate release: Thursday June 9

Statement by Barbara Dorris of St. Louis, Outreach Director of SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (314 862 7688 home, 314 503 0003 cell,

These are boilerplate public relations maneuvers, plain and simple. We predicted them weeks ago. It is what nearly every bishop does when he’s caught red-handed endangering kids and hiding crimes.

Finn is trying to exploit the generosity of forgiving Catholics while blaming church policies for his repeatedly irresponsible decisions. This is a carefully crafted ploy to divert attention away from callous moves by Finn and Murphy onto meaningless diocesan guidelines that are rarely followed to begin with.

We are not dealing with a problem that requires “awareness.” We are dealing with a handful of monarchs who keep ignoring the law, moving the predators, concealing the crimes, endangering children, and protecting themselves, first and foremost.

No priest molests a child – and no church supervisor conceals the crimes – because of an inadequate code of conduct or “abuse policy.”

Finn continues to pretend that his carefully considered self-serving choices are just policy loopholes that need tightening. His words today are not “sweeping,” they are deeply disingenuous.

Receive from your Congress what they voted for in your email….


Go to and register to receive emails on what your Congress has voted for pertaining to your state, your district, and your communities’ life.

This is good information for our goal to put zero no tolerance laws against pedophiles. If anybody knows how to get involved in the world courts so we can push zero no tolerance laws with swift justice email

My sex addiction from sexual abuse… You bounce from sex addiction to social dysfunction to depression to anxiety to….


Sexual addictions are a result of being a victim of sexual abuse in the rest of your life as a survivor…. I feel like I am the living dead murdered walking around soulless at times. When I come out of that deep depression phase hunger comes back and attraction to women. Controlling those impulses is an easy thing to do for a while…. Then there is a week or two of uncontrollable gotta meet a woman and get laid, turning to the chat and sex sites or sensual movies. That feels empty and old after a week or so. By turning that off hunger and eating grows to compensate for a couple of weeks. Out of that moves into another level of social disassociating versus experiencing normal healthy socialization.
Because sex first is not a normal healthy social situation I have a battle to not turn to it and turn to it after a couple healthy months… And meeting a woman I can put those negative situations away, but it always comes back so I never got married… It wouldn’t be fair to the woman. I owe over 150 women this explanation from the time I was 19 to now… my ex girlfriend from 2006-2008 we had a sexual relationship exclusive and both loyal to each other…. Best loving relationship I ever had so far, yet we were both wounded knowing each others history being survivors yet again the dysfunction from sexual abuse killed it’s possibilities. At least I do know an exclusive relationship is possible and I experienced love, yet I can’t help but think sexual abuse stole my God given gift to have a family.
I met a 19 year old girl that was into me this past March and I thought she’s too young at first. We talked and she was mature for her age so I was kind of into her… I’m 39 and I thought we would be just friends…. Two weeks later after she said she wanted me a couple of times she put my finger in her mouth and that three years of celibacy 2009-2011 was out the window in the vehicle on a dark street… Fun but dysfunctional.
The worst part of it was I found out she was raped twice when she was 14 and 16 and it reminded me of how victims turn into survivors battling with sexual addiction. I urged her to tell her family and get into therapy, but she won’t because probably she thinks it will just go away.
I know I thought the effects or memories or driving forces of sexual abuse would just go away and didn’t know how much damage it would or could do to my life…. My life is a trainwreck with the source of the trainwreck being sexual abuse and decisions I made after the life altering murder of my soul caused damage to me and others. The sex is fun at first but their is a lot of disfunction to the social normalcy that would be possible if there were an unwounded past. My sex addiction from sexual abuse… You bounce from sex addiction to social dysfunction to depression to anxiety to abortions to suicidal thoughts wishing for death to missing out on life and having healthy social growth… this rollercoaster makes you so tired you don’t want to live and you want to die … You pray for death and I have on and off since I was 16 years old…. You or your loved one is going through this and my heart goes out to them … My heart especially goes out to those and their families who lost their lives to suicide as I know it could have been me-Jesus has kept me alive and no matter how much I pray to get better I suffer and when I pray to God for death Jesus has never answered that prayer…. I still live for a better tomorrow for others when I am not depressed.

God keep our children healthy so they don’t have to go through this mentioned above … our children will not be healthy unless You God and (us) stop this disease of pedophilia killing our children as they live a life murdered while living or our children commit suicide…. So open up our awareness for us to be vigilant.

Part 3: Why it keeps going until hierarchy stops moving pedophiles around the world


Victims urge bishop to do outreach

Recently arrested priest also took kids overseas

Group to Finn: “Help prosecutors build strong case”

SNAP also says prelate should personally visit 3 parishes

Organization also blasts him for keeping accused priest in ministry now


Sitting on folding chairs at card table on the sidewalk, clergy sex abuse victims will

–Disclose that a recently arrested sex offender priest, Fr. Shawn Ratigan, went overseas with kids, and

–Hand address envelopes to hundreds of local Catholics who belong to a parish where Ratigan recently worked. The letters invite church-goers to an open public meeting tomorrow night.

They will also publicly prod Robert Finn, the bishop of Kansas City-St. Joseph, to:

— Personally visit all three area parishes where Ratigan worked,

— Beg victims and witnesses to contact police and prosecutors, and

— Notify bishops in Guatemala, where Ratigan visited, of the charges against him.


TODAY, Wednesday, June 1, 2:00 p.m.


Outside the KC chancery (diocesan headquarters) at 20 West Ninth Street, Kansas City, MO .


Two-five members of a victims’ self-help group called SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (, including a St. Louis man who is the organization’s longtime director.


SNAP has found a 2007 article in the Kansas City diocesan newspaper (The Catholic Key) showing that Ratigan went to Guatemala on a trip with students from St. Joseph, Missouri. SNAP fears that he may have taken pornographic photos of them or of kids in Central America.

A Kansas City parishioner has given a list of local Catholics. SNAP is writing and inviting all parishioners to an open meeting to discuss the controversial Ratigan case. The meeting will be on Thursday, June 2, at 7:00 p.m. at the Kansas City North Community Center, 3930 N.E. Antioch Road (816-784-6100,

Since his ordination in 2004, Ratigan has worked at three parishes: St Patrick’s (1357 NE 42nd Terrace in Kansas City – 816-453-5510), St. Joseph’s (107 North Short Ridge Street in Easton – 816-473-2011) and St. Mary’s (1606 North 2nd Street in St. Joseph – 816-279-1154). He also worked at Bishop LeBlond High School (3529 Frederick in St Joseph – 816-279-1629). St. Patrick’s is in Clay County, the other two churches are in Buchanan County.

In late April, SNAP asked Jackson County prosecutors to launch a grand jury investigation into Kansas City area clergy sex crimes and cover ups, and make aggressive efforts to prod victims to report to police. Roughly eight jurisdictions across the US have undertaken similar probes over the past decade.

According to a Boston-based research group, at least eighteen Kansas City Catholic clerics stand accused, often several times, of molesting children. Yet not one of them faces or has ever faced possible criminal prosecution.

The publicly accused KC diocese priests (followed by the number of known lawsuits against them) are: Fr. Thomas J. O’Brien (24), Fr. Thomas M. Reardon (22), Fr. Hugh F. Monahan (8), Bishop Joseph Hart (6), Fr. John Tulipana (4), Fr. Francis E. McGlynn (3), Fr. Sylvester Hoppe (3); and one each against Fr. Stephen J. Muth, Fr. Tom Cronin, Fr. Michael Tierney, Fr. James Lawbaugh, Fr. Francis Lambert Wise, and Fr. Earl Johnson. Other accused Kansas City priests include Fr. John C. Baskett, Fr. Michael Brewer, and Fr. Thomas Ward.


David Clohessy 314-566-9790 (cell),;

Barbara Dorris 314-503-0003,

Part2: Further results of pedophile priest need to be investigated


Thank you to the principle of the school reporting to officials of the church, especially the brave person turning the letter over in the parish, the reporter doing the story Joshua J. McElwee, SNAP, Fox and other broadcasting companies airing the story…. But we need more as it shows it still goes on of children’s innocence murdered and pedophiles moved to other diocese to be around children.

Although Father Ratigan was arrested the equal criminal problem threatening all children worldwide right now and the future is the heirarchy of the Roman Catholic Church allowing this to happen for much more than a couple years cleary in evidence for us to see as Ratigan has been moved around before he got caught finally…only by the brave people mentioned forcing the heirarchy to do so. The real solution here is a criminal investigation and criminal charges and criminal penalties against every church staffer – high and low – who endangered kids, tampered with evidence, and allowed Fr. Ratigan to keep hurting little girls month after month after month. Read how just this case unfolded and ask yourself how many times was Ratigan moved around?

Ratigan was at St. Patrick Parish in the Northland for about a year and St. Mary Church in St. Joseph before that…. The public only knows what he did and could have done at St Patrick, but what about the other parishes Ratigan was at and moved around to? Negligence and crimes against children definitely by the heirarchy….

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