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BE a part of protecting children by going to this site:


They are trying to pass legislation in New York to protect children so help them out for all of us and our children’s futures. We only have five weeks before the end of the NY Legislative session. This is the branch in New York for SNAP.

With your help we can move faster.

  1. Can you send the URL to your friends and ask them to get involved?
  2. Email or call your legislative leaders.  Let them know how you feel.
  3. Write a letter to your local paper.
  4. Spare a few hours to take a printed petition onto the street.  Mail them in to us afterwards and we’ll enter them into the system for you.  You can find a copy of the petition to print right here; (  Not only does this get us more signatures but it gives you the opportunity to get others involved – who can get more signatures.
  5. Lastly, if you can help with a small donation, whatever you can afford, you can do that here ( Just leave us the price of a cup of coffee.  With it we can print more leaflets, pay the bills for the website, make more phone calls and run more advertising.
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