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Being thankful for answered prayers…


It seems forever, but I am thankful God has answered our prayers through all of our efforts and communications… SNAP has been a suffering activist doing the work of Angels that I am thankful for forcing the Roman Catholic church worldwide to be a church and not a shadow hiding filth and doing filth. Yes the Roman Catholic church does good things world wide and thank you for those who are true to God. I am thankful that things are more transparent than the past and for those in the Roman Catholic church who are assisting with the truth. The latest is the false bankruptcy’s done by diocese instructed by the Vatican covering up assets and moving funds to rogue accounts to use a loophole in law to prevent them from taking care of victims claiming there is no money to help victims (money does not take away the pain or erase the effects of sexual abuse). I am thankful for the truth even though Righteousness has not been done. God knows and that’s what matters. I am thankful God has answered prayers and He has and all the Heavenly’s have put tireless work into these age old murdering of souls done inside the Roman Catholic church and outside in the secular world. The evil is a devouring one and I thank God for responding and hope for more cleaning of the Catholic church and pray for it as it will reflect the secular world and minimize it’s negative effects upon our existence. God, please stop the harm to the little ones and give us victims peace and more joy as we suffer for the transgressions of the self proclaimed heirarchy of the Roman Catholic church hiding sins and doing abominable things as well as the suffering victims in the secular world victimized by the devouring one as it moves throughout our world… bind it in Jesus name and answer this prayer for healing and no more suffering of victims and no more future victims. Thank you God for hearing our prayers.

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