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Ode to a fellow survivor of pain


I read a blog typing a therapy session waking up to being more social… Or trying

Awesome…. I am trying to do the same to be more social…. It’s hard for me too as I never had the social due to age 11 trauma and age 16-19 trauma… My socializing used to be false getting attention by being the best I could be hiding the ugly secrets… I am glad I don’t carry that trash anymore… Now I feel like an empty shell most of the time around people trying to socialize still with a spark of my old Hollywood star personality… Yet I appear depressed and maybe sometimes cold yet caring and warm…. The after effects suck, but time is slowly healing… Way to slow as I am forty now as a former pro level soccer player with old dreams heartbreakingly dead and trying to build new ones finding comfort in God… Without God I couldn’t have made it through to the other side… Lots of long suffering though

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  1. 01/26/2011 9:31 pm

    I appreciate you mentioning my post and glad you could relate. It’s a great feeling when you feel “on the other side” of things. One day at a time!!

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