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More EMDR treatments


EMDR is a treatment or type of therapy to reduce PTSD, trauma, shock…. So that a persons reality is calmer reducing traumas that make a person’s present be a more peaceful present.

I have had three EMDR treatments over the past few months. After the second one I experienced moments of not remembering what I did or if I did what I did seconds ago. I never experienced that before and my gut or intuition tells me the EMDR is working to counteract the trauma of being drugged and raped, as that incident created PTSD and triggers in any given social situation of spacing out with panic. That trauma somehow stole a big part of my soul not being able to participate shutting down socially and emotionally trying to appear with it to live through situations surviving…. People in my past probably thought something was wrong with me or I was ignoring them. This is not the case as a survivor trapped in his own mind and by the trauma that effects my life to this day I can see the EMDR treatments opening up the important things in my mind to allow me to communicate emotionally – socially – psychologically – spiritually without shutting down. I don’t want the trauma I can’t tap into that shuts my ability to socialize normally and happily to interfere with my life anymore. I am hoping and noticing positive effects of EMDR. For instance, I had a moment of time one evening, after the third EMDR treatment two days later, where in a social setting I didn’t feel on edge and traumatic panic to talk and participate socially as much… It seemed to scale it down from 10 being the worst to 1 being the best from my usual 7-9 down to a fluctuating 3-5 …. It was one of those segments of time where you feel like you can see things for the first time and feeling the goodness of the moments.

EMDR is a type of transcendence therapy…. It feels meditative….. You feel sleepy afterwards… During EMDR you follow lights with your eyes While talking about triggers and how any pain makes you feel…. Your subconscious mind seems to guide your conversation while your conscious mind guides the process.

I really think it is a space between consciousness and hypnosis. I am looking forward to more treatments.

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