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News Conference Blocked by St. Louis Archdiocese


SNAP did a news conference last year with channel 2 news… There were 4 of us there along with the camera guy from 2 news being the 5th person in front of the St. Louis Basilica of Saint Louis on Lindell. We talked about the cover ups and the 28 proven members of the Saint Louis Archdiocese diocese ranging from bishop down to priests and lay people who are pedophiles moved and hidden by deceitful and damaging motives further murdering souls of past survivors and future innocent children…. A car pulled out of the garage of the Basilica and a few minutes later a supervisor of the cameraman came to the site and started talking to the cameraman after we were finished taping…. The footage never made it to the news. Your head would spin if you knew how much power behind closed doors the Roman Catholic church has from the Vatican down to diocese in every major city in the world and how they have a major role in how that city is run…. In accountability justice is Gods vengeance and our voice is trying to make things right as a mountain is on top of us…. In goodness we are thankful for all the charity done to help the poor and sick done by the good of the Catholic Church…… One of God’s universal laws in creation is an unavoidable balance of life and death with good and evil balancing the outcomes of our broken lives… That is for everybody no matter what our ditch or pothole in life in is ….. For us survivors of sexual abuse our ditch is an abyss as deep as the Mariana Trench….

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