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Mountains on top of survivors


The mountains are the cover ups that continue to harm children and prevent justice for survivors…. Oprah said it best ” murdered souls.” We are trying to live life murdered and I know I need a voice in the world to get the mountains off of survivors to bring accountability to those who murder childrens souls, those who cover it up, and bring power to those who are fighting to protect children. Among these goals to show forgiveness and more awareness as Oprah has only scratched the surface to this social disease that is centuries old among Catholics and secular world society. Oprah has bravely opened our minds to begin to heal this social disease. So has SNAP and Bishops Accountability and prosecutors setting precedents in cases… As we go forward we are being blocked at the highest forms of world power causing the smallest of problems of sexual abuse to be covered up. We need a program on such networks as OWN and others to weekly cover small cases and the largest of cases to be publicly progressed and hold law and power structures of our world accountable to bring change and correctly handle and stop this social disease from murdering souls and harming our human connections interwoven in our human family.

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