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Part2: Further results of pedophile priest need to be investigated


Thank you to the principle of the school reporting to officials of the church, especially the brave person turning the letter over in the parish, the reporter doing the story Joshua J. McElwee, SNAP, Fox and other broadcasting companies airing the story…. But we need more as it shows it still goes on of children’s innocence murdered and pedophiles moved to other diocese to be around children.

Although Father Ratigan was arrested the equal criminal problem threatening all children worldwide right now and the future is the heirarchy of the Roman Catholic Church allowing this to happen for much more than a couple years cleary in evidence for us to see as Ratigan has been moved around before he got caught finally…only by the brave people mentioned forcing the heirarchy to do so. The real solution here is a criminal investigation and criminal charges and criminal penalties against every church staffer – high and low – who endangered kids, tampered with evidence, and allowed Fr. Ratigan to keep hurting little girls month after month after month. Read how just this case unfolded and ask yourself how many times was Ratigan moved around?

Ratigan was at St. Patrick Parish in the Northland for about a year and St. Mary Church in St. Joseph before that…. The public only knows what he did and could have done at St Patrick, but what about the other parishes Ratigan was at and moved around to? Negligence and crimes against children definitely by the heirarchy….

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