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The scattering and promoting to avoid dealing with the truth….


I approached the St. Louis Archdiocese in 2008 about what happened to me as a child and young teenager being drugged and raped.  The priest that was on the child board of protecting children for the St. Louis Archdiocese was promoted to be Archbishop of Tennessee after the board said my story was not their responsibility: Watch the video covering only 1% of the total 100% of a 14 page paper i presented the board with: (don’t take this as a label for the whole Catholic church because much good is done by members of the faith in Jesus Christ) As you have watched and read in the video the Archbishop of Saint Louis was promoted to be one of eight Canon Lawyers for the Vatican in Vatican City Rome three months after I approached them with the facts of multiple molestations throughout the city throughout the 1980’s and early 1990’s that definitely occurred in multiple parishes, juvenile court systems of St. Louis, and programs for children from junior achievement to drug rehab programs as my predator bragged about his connections to be around and influence these arenas. Combined with Snap pushing for justice behind me and in front of me Snap linked up with the parish that was forgoing problems from the Vatican about funds in their parish…with all these pressures the Archbishop of Saint Louis was promoted to the Vatican as a political move to hide from the lack of integrity and negligence to deal with sexual abuses….. their are still many people that can’t come forward because this is new to the public due to the media never standing up to the Vatican.

How do we address the problem in the best way possible for the world?  I would like your opinion on the worldwide problem and how to approach it: Here it is in a nutshell: There are strongholds created from centuries past where certain high ranking hierarchy down to lay people of the Catholic Church worldwide are caught in these strongholds molesting children and covering up the epidemic… they have manipulated court cases through the power of their Vatican and Diocese worldwide (especially in the US) To stand in righteousness against this people outside the Roman Catholic church and those inside the Catholic faith have gone toe to toe with lawsuits for monies awarded to victims helped by advocacy and groups like SNAP and Bishops Accountability which are a necessity creating accountability.  Another big factor of the worldwide problem sets the stage for what goes on in public because of laws blocked by Diocese in courts giving free reign almost to pedophiles to harm children and have minimum punishment instead of zero tolerance. When lawsuits against the Church are done the church spends millions to award only 50,000 and then once in a great while 1% of the time the lawsuit is won in the millions. Then the Vatican sends a Bishop to that Diocese and they close down parishes harming the city of that Diocese because parishioners do good work for the poor … meanwhile the Vatican preserves their assets and status quo and falsely claims bankruptcies under chapter 11 of the US Federal codes. Meanwhile, when the laws can’t be changed in the US because of the manipulation of our system by the Vatican and it’s Diocese worldwide in every major city. The children who are molested and killed by these predators are only minimally stopped and these predators I am talking about get away with what we hear in the news like Stacy Dugard and of Saint Louis Sean Hornbeck. These are stongholds created by negative energies created from the time the Greeks were raping their boys to ready them into fierce warriors—then influencing the Romans—the Romans influencing the Catholic church 16 hundred years ago—the Roman Catholic Church doctrine of no men can marry to protect assets and a basis for their direction of Jesus Christ—- to now today this epidemic we have in society of pedophilia…. Keep in mind that what happens in public by peophiles not associated to the church are part of an epidemic that comes from sources of family incest and mankinds perversions of sex over centuries… possibly also influenced by what has gone on in the Vatican for centuries.  (don’t take this as a label for the whole Catholic church because much good is done by members of the faith in Jesus Christ) My question is any ideas or approaches that are new that we could do to make this present day situation better?

My answer is Jesus Christ and righteousness to guide me in advocacy and stay in forgiveness, kindness, mercy, and find any avenue possible of accountability…

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  1. jlizabeth permalink
    03/22/2013 8:15 pm

    Thank you for blogging. I work as a social worker in my church trying to promote awareness about child sexual abuse issues. I train the leaders within the organization about what to do if abuse issues are brought to their attention and proper protocol for reporting the abuse to authorities. I just wish that as a child I had an outlet that allowed me to speak freely about the abuse that was happening to me and my friends, but I did not. I’ve written or should say co-written a book about that experience. Writing was cathartic for all those who contributed. The book is called Church Girl Gone Bad – But I Found My Way Back – . All those who contributed their stories to this book have agreed to speak more about their abuse including myself.

  2. E. A. permalink
    08/09/2011 3:16 pm

    I love your blog, especially because you aren’t afraid to speak about sexual abuse happening in the church that is still being covered up. I grew up Catholic but was assaulted by someone in a Seventh-Day Adventist church, and it seems like they have the same problems with doing the right thing. Every voice counts towards fighting for justice and change, I think.
    If you’re interested, take a look at my blog:

  3. Ruth D. permalink
    06/26/2011 11:43 am

    It’s great that you share your story here. Keep writing!

    • 07/04/2011 7:46 pm

      Thanks Ruth… Keep visiting as I hope it helps others with coming forward and healing… Pass the blog along to others you think would benefit from grasping ways to positively heal from this epidemic in our world to help others heal.

  4. 06/18/2011 6:17 am

    I came to your blog after seeing you had subscribed to mine. I read some of your story you’ve posted here. On my blog my aim has always been to poke fun at some things while hoping to give a perspective on others. I feel I have no frame of reference to your horrible experiences. Still, as a human I feel something…hopefully empathy/compassion? And a sense of need of justice? (My interpretation.) Thanks for subscribing to my blog! Best.

    • 06/19/2011 2:53 am

      Your awesome…. thanks Simone… justice is what we need ….keep coming back to the blog and spread it around… i am redesigning the links for three objectives Worldwide initiative / Education and Advocacy / How to begin healing / About with categories… for example the biggest challenge is the worldwide initiative which is a class action lawsuit worldwide against the Roman Catholic Church in Vatican City covering all Diocese worldwide and parishes under those diocese… the third papalcy in Vatican city of the 13 is in charge of World Assets of all diocese and because of the sexual abuse cases they have falsely claimed bankruptcy and closed parishes because of lawsuits and moving pedophiles worldwide to other diocese and parishes hiding them to molest again… every diocese and parish is like an embassy so laws don’t hold them accountable so we need to go to US federal court and world courts to pin them down and make sure all parishes stay open and accountability is done and all cases under parishes from survivors are covered under parishes …. it’s a win win for the church and survivors and protecting children keeping the church intact yet cleaning it up…. knew idea with advocacy and probably the biggest challenge this world will face to overcome next to Israel having peace and non Israelis showing love and peace.

  5. raj permalink
    06/17/2011 10:35 pm

    thanks for visiting my blog. keep up the good work.

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