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1.We will bring accountability to sexual abuse by collectively forming worldwide class action lawsuits against the  Sex Trade Industry among underground businesses running it, Hollywood and World entertainment industries pushing the envelope of sexual immoralities flaming sex addictions , the pornography industries, and the Roman Catholic Church forcing a halt to negligence and secrecy of peddling abusive sex behaviors causing harm to humanity… in the US Federal Court System and the World Courts and change world laws for strict zero tolerance of sexual abuse.  The goals are to mold humanity into a higher consciousness of how we look at sex and family and our children’s chidren’ futures.

2.We will heal sexual abuse by educating the red flags in our school systems to avoid sexual abuse, and education guiding victims-survivors-supporters to resources.  Simple education how to heal those wounded from sexual abuse is available on this site and it starts with forgiveness, then justice… to prevent future sexual abuse.  The final goals of education and advocacy is to educate a strong family unit worldwide… resulting in elimination of sexual abuse due to neglect of family morals, the parent-less, and the sex-porn-hollywood-roman catholic sexual dysfunctions molding society into sexual immorality among family dysfunctions that cause sexual abuse.

3.Advocate with accountability and education by speaking engagements, press conferences, law, meetings, internet television,  youtube, websites-blogs-twitter-facebook-phone apps, pledges and coalitions, conferences, books and e-books, lobbying, etc…  it’s working because now we are tilting World Law into more action and Nation’s laws too.  So, keep up the good work advocacy groups worldwide and keep plugging away.

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