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First and foremost what prevents sexual abuse is a strong healthy family environment without neglect and not all children receive this deserved environment so in all cases we are the global police as parents and individuals to look out for our children and see the red flags listed below to prevent sexual abuse upon other children.  After all, it does take a world village to raise a child along with that child’s parents and in unfortunate cases the world is raising those children who have no parents.

1. Look for the red flags that should be commonly known of strange behavior of teenagers and adults around children: strange people around children, adults who don’t want other adults around the children they are interacting with, more advanced methods of pedophiles utilizing other children to lure their victims, adults who alone only have an environment around children and are super friendly and kind, be extra watchful of adults doing jobs around children like ice cream trucks-janitors in schools-etc… , and look for the ultimate sign that sexual abuse has happened when a child withdraws from participating and socializing with other children and the things they previously enjoyed doing.

2. When sexual abuse has happened report it to police and be sure you have a copy of the police report as well as reporting it to the area the child is involved with like school, or neighborhood association, or community center.  Reporting it prevents other children from being abused.

3. Advocate for other children by helping pass laws for zero tolerance worldwide and a start with this is in your local court system up to the highest court in the land.  Educate … educate …. educate…

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