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Here are studies showing effects of sexual abuse and the brain from research in finding the experts from around the world and personal experiences of the effects combined to show the relationships of behavior, memories, effects, and dna imprints upon victims of sexual abuse.

Books of Interest to support findings, experts, and victims for the long struggle to change laws and add laws as well as prevent future neglegence….. 1. Aaron Cohen “SLAVEHUNTER” 2. Tian Dayton PHD “THE MAGIC OF FORGIVENESS” 3. Norman Doidge MD “THE BRAIN THAT CHANGES ITSELF” 4. Rick Strassman MD “DMT THE SPIRIT MOLECULE” 5. Pierce J Howard PHD “THE OWNER’S MANUAL FOR THE BRAIN” (especially chapters 4.6, 4.10, 5.2, 6.10, 14.7, 17.5, 36) 6. Joe Dispenza DC “EVOLVE YOUR BRAIN” 7. “THE DANA GUIDE TO BRAIN HEALTH” 8. Richard Restak “NAKED BRAIN” 9. Fred P Gallo PHD “ENERGY TAPPING FOR TRAUMA” 10. Henry Emmons MD “CHEMISTRY OF JOY” 11. Jasmin Lee Cori MS, LPC ” HEALING FROM TRAUMA” 12. Stanislas Dehaene “READING THE BRAIN”

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