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Victory In Jesus

Here are excerpts from the 71 page testimony:

When I approached the Saint Louis Archdiocese in 2007-2008, I never asked for any money or wanted to go to court, but I did make the roman catholic church believe it was a possibility, so bluffing you (the roman catholic church) about court was necessary.   Yet, i was wrong, for not having a forgiving heart and taking out the splinters in my own eye of sin, while asking you to remove the planks of wood in your eyes.  I was still turned away with suffering to face for 5 years between 2008-2013 by the roman catholic church and my own sins… I forgive myself and forgive the roman catholic church.  The st. louis archdiocese claimed no responsibility for the wrongs done to me when speaking with them in 2008 (I forgive you).  The priest on your board of the Office of Child and Youth Protection services, father stika, was promoted to be a bishop in Tennessee… but the roman catholic church turned me away.  (I forgive you) Why was father stika (person) promoted and I turned away with no help?  God knows and I forgive you.  Archbishop of saint louis, raymond leo burke in 2008 was moved to the vatican after my meeting with the archdiocese of saint louis as the first American to hold the position of defender of the bond of the supreme tribunal of the apostolic signatura, the church’s highest court. He now serves as a member of the college of judges of the supreme tribunal of the apostolic signatura, of the congregation for the clergy, and of the pontifical council for legislative texts. He was appointed prefect of the supreme tribunal of the apostolic signatura by his holiness pope benedict XVI, on June 27, 2008. (I forgive you again).  Have you confessed and repented?

Also read this testimony in the context of a University student who struggles with sexual abuse side effects going to school with young adults, whom are diplomats of children within the United Nations… Duchesses of Denmark…. Princes of Saudi Arabia…. a student of Jesus, conversating with a roller coaster of ideas being near God in focus of Jesus and falling away into the sins of the world…  being among elite women of influential Italian families… knowing influential people of Saint Louis Missouri… a young man on a journey keeping a core of Jesus who worshiped as a Jew in Synagogues in spirit… a Catholic who worshipped in parishes’ masses by spirit… raised as a Lutheran seeking God and Jesus holding firm to the faith and falling away and returning… basically, bombarded by every aspect of life that creates the world we live in… and being raised from poor humble beginnings.  I am a man who now serves Jesus and God the Father with God’s family and especially Yeshua’ (Jesus’) following flock who strive to be like Christ.  So, read this testimony in a context that fits you, yet reaches outside of yourself for God’s kingdom in peace, love, and joy with discernment and wisdom.


There is sexual abuse anywhere in the world and in any culture, subculture, or religion that needs to be stopped by prayer for (Al HaRishah… Al HaRishah is Hebrew for asking God to rid us of evil)… I utilize Al HaRishah throughout this testimony in the context of casting out demons, whom have strongholds in principalities and dominions not of God relating to generational cycles of sexual immorality that is sexual abuse.  We must focus on Gods hope and truth to fix what is fixable and choose the battles of principalities that are most important to protect and insure Gods light is the prevailing element for those principalities in God’s dominion. The roman catholic church is at the top of the list to becoming clean so it will be easier to battle sexual abuse at all levels in this world.  My story is like many other victims of sexual abuse who are survivors, or whom have committed suicide, or who are people still running from it and hiding it in their lives as paths of destruction… this story is for all of them and humanity… so we can be better for our future children and our children’s children… 

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