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I don’t know if you know this, but there is total peace in knowing Jesus and living by His standards, otherwise we face a world of sin and consequences of sins and sexual abuse is a consequence of our sins as a whole in our eras of history… keep that in mind while reading World Class Action Lawsuit suggestions and ideas that are currently being put into action today.

Among a Worldwide Class Action Lawsuit against the Roman Catholic Church for accountability for true Justice, there also needs to be more pressure placed on organizations like Hollywood, Pornography, underground sex trafficking, and the sex trade that are contributing to sexual abuses defiling children… turning growing people into sex addicts… and the worst into pedophiles who are unfit for family life in our World of Nations and Societies.  This situation we see of sexual abuses caused from past eras… dating back to Noah and Abraham in written history up to present eras we see on the world stage of societies today… is directly related to how we personally view family life and raising children.  Do we let them watch certain televisions shows?  Do we allow our children to be around questionable people their age whom have no morals?  Do we allow our children to be influenced by adult realities that should not even be our adult realities?  Do we ourselves see the degrading things in our television, movie theatres, social circles we choose to hang around, and actions of adults as well as children in this present day?  Are we even being parents to the children who are born without unions between man and woman, who are left as orphans to feel abandoned?  Those children are the most vulnerable to sexual abuse and the sex trade among families that are infested with incest poisoning their own children.  We need to examine ourselves and do a mind check and a heart check for true Justice in what we can control.  Outside of that, we need brave people to stand up for what is right and lovingly argue the point of purity for our children living in the world…. it’s our responsibility to take a stand.  If we do not, then we deserve the destruction of this planet coming.  Needed will be expert lawyers across the World and the US, Advocate groups, Parishioners of Worldwide Parishes among the Diocese of our world, any church congregants,  volunteers, and strategic planning of listing the lawsuit parameters as thus:

For sex trafficking, the sex trade, and underground businesses pimping our children and our young girls before they reach the age of 18… there needs to be feared punishment of prison time and fines against those who are caught, combined with reformed education about sex and side effects of sexual abuse… teaching the realities of how families can’t survive healthy living… due to sexual abuse and sex trafficking of minors… relating to how pornography teaches this impulse and trains abusers to crave sex… leading to prostitution that is as old as Adam and Eve’s lineage of children.  So, just as important, or even more, are World Class Action Lawsuits against sex trafficking and the sex trade industries.

There are over 14,000 cases against all Diocese in the United States and as evidence of argument combined with survivors in Europe who came forward, is additional argument of proof of a serious problem.  Roman Catholic Church documents sourcing agenda of moving pedophile bishops, priests, and lay persons to different Diocese around the US and World is evidence.  History of cardinals, bishops, priests, and lay people who were accused at multiple parishes and Diocese and the actions of moving them by the hierarchy is further evidence to be applied.  Staggering years of denial and evading the US courts and survivors of sexual abuse should be added.  Methods and paperwork of Diocese methods to intimidate victims, deny, and evade the sexual abuse charges is another topic.  The evidence of muzzling the media in TV and newspapers is another…  Testimony of survivors and their families proving the devastation is key argument material.  The word of God should be added in the evidence, because we should offer forgiveness combined with accountability.

To sum up these World Class Action Lawsuits to put an end to sexual immorality is necessary to have a productive healthy world… we would be challenging our own morals of what we participate with everyday and choose to be a part of in our lives.  Do we look, do you look at your experiences in life as a outcome of choices made?  If you choose to go to the strip club or look at pornography or call on a prostitute, aren’t you being part of the problem of sexual abuse that has led to prostitution and worse exploitation of young girls and children… because the side effect of too much lust over generations is why we have pedophilia.

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